Mark is best known as the keyboardist from Soul Coughing, but not many people know that he's also a classically trained composer, with an avant-garde solo album just released. His musical stylings have been described as ranging "from instrumental trip hop and rhythm tracks to ambient, minimalist and pieces of startling compositional complexity."

Ashes To Ashes is an unconventional film that required an unconventional soundtrack. Mark, an expert with samples, created a rich orchestration of distorted and reverberating sounds. Guitars, organs, harps, bells and vibraphones combined to form Mark's eerie score for the film. Some excerpts are available on the music portfolio page; for the rest, you'll have to see the movie.

Recently, Mark's been working on a new Horse Tricks album, and just completed work on the IMAX film Michael Jordan to the Max.

The crew:
Producer : Shimmy Brandes
Director : Mike Stamm
Writer : Shane Simmons
Director of Photography : Matt Uhry
Production Designer : Matt Evans
Editor : Joe Bini
Composer : Mark De Gli Antoni