He holds a BFA in film from the University of Colorado, Boulder, but then, no one really cares what a cinematographer's diploma says. Matt Uhry's work speaks for itself. He's directed dozens of shorts, music videos and commercials, and ten feature-length movies. He owns his own equipment, and knows his way around formats from HTDV to anamorphic 35mm.

Matt was the one who insisted that Ashes To Ashes needed be shot on 35mm film, rather than 16mm as originally planned. You'd never know from watching the widescreen, Dolby-Surround print of our film that without our D.P.'s involvement, the final product would've looked a lot like a student film.

Matt's own portfolio site can be found at, and among other things, it includes QuickTIme clips from Ashes you won't see in the preview.

The crew:
Producer : Shimmy Brandes
Director : Mike Stamm
Writer : Shane Simmons
Director of Photography : Matt Uhry
Production Designer : Matt Evans
Editor : Joe Bini
Composer : Mark De Gli Antoni