Everything you see on-screen in Ashes To Ashes started out as an empty room when our crew arrived. As Production Designer, Matt had to be an interior decorator, a costume designer and a sculptor. The film's morgue, for example, was created almost entirely from scratch in an unfurnished military hospital basement. The Carters' gauzy canopy-bed, the musty Farkass journals, our lead characters' stylish black outfits—all Matt's handiwork. Many photos in the Portfolio section offer a good glimpse into the art of Ashes' Production Design.

Matt received his BFA in General Fine Art from the Maryland Institute, College of Art in 1992, and is presently employed as an interface designer for Apple Computer.

The crew:
Producer : Shimmy Brandes
Director : Mike Stamm
Writer : Shane Simmons
Director of Photography : Matt Uhry
Production Designer : Matt Evans
Editor : Joe Bini
Composer : Mark De Gli Antoni