These are a few sites of interest, some directly related to Ashes, others more tangentially so.

Film Arts Foundation
One of the most widely respected non-profit film organizations in the country, FAF lends support to independent filmmakers with information, equipment, fiscal sponsorship, and our personal favorite, the forum.

Canada Council for the Arts
They funded Ashes To Ashes. In fact, the Council invests hundreds of millions of dollars annually in the creation of artistic works throughout the country. We received a Media Arts grant for emerging artists; the grant was singlehandedly responsible for this film's existence.

Outpost Film Center
Outpost has been helping us out since before the final draft of the script was finished. They bent over backwards to make their professional services affordable to us, and more or less oversaw our entire post-production process, from editing through the final mix. They did a fantastic job, and were really supportive.

Foreign Correspondents
We didn't even know about this site until our project was well underway, but it's quickly become an inspiration. CalArts graduate Mark T. Kines spent three years working on a feature film Foreign Correspondents. We've never met Mark, or seen his film, but his lovingly crafted website speaks for itself. His new site, SharkyBaby, continues the tradition.

MacGurus, a Macintosh upgrade reseller, volunteered early on to discount hardware purchased in the making of this film. The Gurus are super nice, and super helpful. We plan to edit the Ashes To Ashes preview on MacGurus hardware.

They've never even heard of Ashes To Ashes, but they host this site, and that's pretty cool. But the fact that their services are powered entirely by solar energy is exceptionally cool.

4by6 and Linotext
Linotext made us some posters; 4by6 made us some postcards. Both help if you're promoting, say, an independent film.