The Groundskeeper:
Marshell has the film's opening line, and though it's his only scene, it sets the tone for the events to come. So it's appropriate that his performance is so natural. With the Carters behaving so oddly, he has to play the straight man.

Other Stuff:
Marshell's the only member of our cast who's been in films with cool names like Soulcatcher and Rattletrap. He also lists, among his skills, "Weapons training (USAF): small arms through 50 Caliber" and "Driver training: any stick shift vehicle from staff car to deuce-and-a-halfs."

Interestingly, he recently played "Doctor Sterling" in Enamored, the new film from the director of 3 Days... 3 Hours... 3 Minutes... 3 Seconds... which featured our own Doug Sept.

Coolest credit on his résumé:
Magic Monsters: Alpha and Giyoon go to San Francisco

The cast:
Doug Sept
Katie Hemmeter
Jean Mazzei
Jeffrie Peterson
Marshell Harwell
Tom P. Murphy
Marla Kyo
Jim Manning
Jacqueline Ivens