Elaine Farkass:
Distraught, almost to the point of hysteria, Elaine Farkass' mourns her departed father with a frightening intensity. Jean, as Elaine, doesn't hide behind the anger. It's Elaine's exasperation that ultimately drives the Carters to desperate measures, but through it all, Jean exposes us to the hurt and the confusion.

Other stuff:
Jean keeps herself busy with work in features, shorts, plays, and even as a sultry chanteuse-for-hire. Her recent film work includes Klee-Vies Peterbelt, a film about a bizarre aspiring surgeon/used-car salesman. Last year, Sexual Magic, a documentary-style short she starred in, won the Robert Bell Outstanding Achievement Award.

Coolest credit on her résumé:
Body Snatchers: The Musical

The cast:
Doug Sept
Katie Hemmeter
Jean Mazzei
Jeffrie Peterson
Marshell Harwell
Tom P. Murphy
Marla Kyo
Jim Manning
Jacqueline Ivens