Mr. Ashley Carter:
Doug brought an ambiguous sense of calm to his role, which nicely offset the more assertive Mrs. Carter. His Mr. Carter is an iceberg—you never quite know what's lurking beneath the surface.

Doug Sept as Mr. Carter
Other stuff:
Doug moved to L.A. shortly after the Ashes shoot. He continues to appear in shorts and student films while waiting for his big break.

He played a pimp in an episode of Nash Bridges, and "a kind of drug dealer with a heart" in M. David Lee III's feature 3 Days... 3 Hours... 3 Minutes... 3 Seconds... He reportedly stole the show in his supporting role as Mr. Bitterman in The Surprise Party.

Coolest credit on his résumé:
Feeding My Imp (student film)

The cast:
Doug Sept
Katie Hemmeter
Jean Mazzei
Jeffrie Peterson
Marshell Harwell
Tom P. Murphy
Marla Kyo
Jim Manning
Jacqueline Ivens