Jeffrie Peterson as the Coroner The Coroner:
Jeffrie brought just the right touch of creepiness to his portrayal of the film's shifty, chain-smoking morgue attendant. His deep, gravelly voice lends a threatening tone to his confrontation with the Carters.

Other stuff:
Jeffrie's not just an actor, he's also a renowned local beat poet. He's been interviewed on television (S.F. Poets, KUSF) and done poetry readings on the radio (Poetry Hour, KPOO).

Coolest credit on his résumé:
Reflections on Ithacas (published poetry collection)

The cast:
Doug Sept
Katie Hemmeter
Jean Mazzei
Jeffrie Peterson
Marshell Harwell
Tom P. Murphy
Marla Kyo
Jim Manning
Jacqueline Ivens