How long is it? / What format was it shot on? / etc.
Technical information about the film has been collected on the Tech Info page.

Is the film finished yet?
Yes, as of March 23, 2001.

Can I get a copy?
Yes, for five dollars. More info is on the Watch The Film page

What about DVDs?
We can't make any promises, but we are investigating the possibility. Check back with us this Fall, if you think you might want one.

Did you get into any festivals?
Yes, lots! (Check the festival grid for specifics.) Next year, if we're feeling really optimistic, we may even re-apply to some of the festivals that rejected us in 2001...

Are there any more local screenings planned? 
None are planned at this time. For a very local screening, view the film online.

What projects are the crew working on now?
Well, Producer Shimmy Brandes is working hard on his MBA right now, while director Mike Stamm is working on several screenplays, including a collaboration with Ashes writer Shane Simmons. Shane, meanwhile, is working on several projects for Canadian television.

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