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Ashley Carter  Doug Sept
Ashley Carter  Katie Hemmeter
Elaine Farkass  Jean Mazzei
Coroner  Jeffrie Peterson
Lawyer  Tom P. Murphy
Groundskeeper  Marshell Harwell
Louise  Marla Kyo
Cop  Jim Manning
Cop  Jacqueline Ivens
Mover  Lawrence Radecker
Bank teller  Christine MacDonald
Hospital patient  Pat Everett
Morgue corpse  Christine Heit
Courier  Chuck Salerno

Roderick A. Campbell
Elise Chan
Mae Chan Frey
Bernice Jeung
Katie Jeung
Russell Jeung
James Loewen
Peter Lu
Albert Ma
Chin W. Ma
Phil Rogacki
Juana Samayoa

Chris Mierly
Des Bhatoa
Stacey Thompson
Molly Floyd
Ross Jardine/Not Just Flowers
Actor's Conservatory Theater, SF
The Prop Co-Op, Brisbane
New Marina Shoe Repair & Tailoring
San Mateo Golf Course
Crosby N. Gray Funeral
Kohl Mansion
Presidio Letterman Hospital
Alexander Estate Appraisals
Bay Meadows Racecourse
UltraVision Inc.
Adolph Gasser
Complex Corporation
Wasteland S.F.

Outpost Film Center
John Stamm
Carol Stamm
Michelle Brandes
Jack & Susan Brandes
David Brandes
Julie & Daniel Brandes
Philip & Linda Carl
Dr. & Mrs. James A. Harrell Sr.
Dave Hersh
Michael & Marjorie Lancaster
Dianne Johnson
David & Barbara Ziff
Ellen J. Wallace
Daniel M. Stadler
Cathy & Joseph Hiess
Mel Boss
Anthony Westreich

Producer  Shimmy Brandes
Writer  Shane Simmons
Director  Mike Stamm
Casting Director  Sarah Jeanne Hallman
Director of Photography  Matt Uhry
Production Designer  Matt Evans
Location Manager  Lyle Coffield
Props  Gina Micek
Set Decorators  Gina Micek
 Amy M. Robins
Make-Up  Chris Heit
Stylist  Andy Starkweather
Composer  Mark De Gli Antoni
Sound Recordists  Brian "Killer" Miller
 Francis Choung
 Jeff Ver
Boom  Chris Heit
Gaffers  Jake Sarfaty
 John P. Schweitzer
Key Grip  Paciano Triunfo
Grips  Todd Stoneman
 David Luzius
 Daniel Stadler
 Sean Brown
 Johnny Ping
 Dan Schmeltzer
Associate Producer  Doug Schwarz
Co-Producer  Mike Stamm
1st Assistant Director  Mark Schwab
2nd Assistant Director  Christine Ma
1st Assistant Camera:  Andrew Stadler
2nd Assistant Camera  Chris Million
 Verna Lim
 Deron Tse
Production Manager  David Hersh
Production Coordinator  Andrew D. Stadler
Production Assistants  Jane Pien
 Francis Choung
 Therese Suarez
 Will Moriwaki
Script Supervisor  Robin Meyerowitz
Stills Photographers  Johnny Ping
 Andrew Tully
Audio Post Production  Outpost Film Center
Editor  Joe Bini
Assistant Editor  Thomas Staunton
Re-Recording Mixer  Dave Nelson
Foley Artist  Diane Langois
Dialogue/Effects Editor  Andy Switzer
Dialog Editor  Eric Schurig
Music Editor  Maria Fusco
Sound Effects Editor  Anthony Gates
Production Services  Complex Corporation
Negative Cutters  Magic Film Works
Titles  Title House
Developer  Foto-Kem
Sponsored by  Film Arts Foundation
Supported through  Canada Council
 for the Arts
 Media Arts Section
Copyright  2001 A2A, Inc.

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